Born from a missed flight

How many times did you miss an important appointment being stuck in the city traffic or because of a train delay?

One of the founder in the August 2019 lost his flight for one of these reasons. Since then, he started thinking about how to revolutionize point-to-point trips.

In the February of 2020 the team is formed. A group of visionaries with strong and diverse background with a dream: shape the future of mobility.

In June 2020 Walle publishes its first feasibility study about potential routes to be exploited in Italy.

In the October of 2020 the team gains two advisors and proceeds with relevant international partnerships. In the January of 2021 the deal with Jaunt Air Mobility is disclosed:  the beginning of a profitful collaboration.

Walle becomes established as an innovative startup in the May of 2021. Same team, new ambitious objectives.

What about today?
We are in a seed round, with a robust plan. Get in touch, develop your business with us!

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