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In our vision, traveling by air will become as easy as it is now on the ground. Walle wants to offer its mobility service using VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing), commonly called “Taxi-drone”: Blade Runner, before 2049.

Walle’s goal is specifically to cover interurban routes within 50 km.

The incoming and outgoing congestions around the most urbanized areas have increased exponentially in recent times. This is mainly due to the growth of the world population: according to ONU forecasts, by 2050 it will reach 9.7 billion people and 2/3 of them will live in urban centers.


Difference between an Helicopter and a VTOL

  • Helicopter
  • VTOL

Why a VTOL? The advantages of our solution are:

Time-saving: in a world where speed is crucial, trips will need to be faster and always on time

Safety and reliability: statistically speaking, air travels are the safest ones

Sustainability: Walle service has a sustainable approach and respects the environment, as the drones will be using electricity instead of fossil fuels to be charged.

Two pilot routes we studied during the past months.

Milan — Milan Airport Malpensa
Naples Port — Capri island

We want to launch the first VTOL service in Italy within 6 years.

Walle Fly 16%







Best 50 Startup Italy 2020


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